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  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
  • Paramania Reflex Wings
GTX - the cross-country wing
GTS - competitive advantage
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Info on the Rokit coming soon!
Paramania Reflex Wings

Paramania team pilot Emilia Plak and Mathieu Rouanet have entered an online competition which if they win will send them around Thailand over winter! However the only way for them to win the contest is if they get enough votes.
Please take a couple of minutes to vote for Emilia and Mathieu at the link below. They have already been selected as finalists, and it’s now down to public participation to help them win. They are planning a huge paramotor adventure around the Island of Phuket, to footdrag down beaches and coastal terrain while shooting photos and video to share with all of us over the winter live through the internet!

:: If you register to vote, you are also entered in the contest to win $2500 USD. And the more times you vote, the better your chances are (you can vote 1x per 24hrs)

But hurry as there are only a few voting days left and they need all the help they can get!
Voting ends 11:59pm November 12, 2009 (GMT +7: Thailand time)

To Vote please follow these 5 simple instructions

1. Go to the web site:

2. Register

3. Login

4. Vote

5. You can vote every 24 hours (All you have to do is login and vote!)

Your help will be greatly appreciated, and will also be a chance to get our sport into the public eye!


8 pilots, 4 cutting-edge flying machines, 12 solar panels, 2000km and 2 continents!

A British team of pilots all flying the Action GT crossed the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain to Ceuta, Morocco at dawn this morning to achieve the world’s longest solar-powered paramotor flight, demonstrating the latest combination in solar energy, battery power and paramotors (using a combination of E-PAC electric paramotors and ethanol based Partajet motors)

The pilots, flying the first commercial solar-powered electric paramotor, completed the 12-mile crossing in less than half an hour despite local newspaper reports of lurking Great White sharks. Today’s final leg is the culmination of an exciting 15-day expedition starting from Monte-Carlo travelling through France, Spain and finally landing in Morocco, covering an estimated 2000km. 

With the support of Paramania, Parajet and several other sponsors the expedition’s objectives were to raise awareness of ataxia; a debilitating disease that affects part of the nervous system that normally control co-ordination and balance, and prevalent in more than 10,000 adults in the UK and many more children. The Solar Electric Flight has also raised nearly £10,000 for Ataxia UK, the national charity for people affected by ataxia.

Click here to visit the incredible website!

Here is a short video of the team!


 A group of Belgium Paramotor pilots have been getting their carburetors sandy down in the deserts of sunny Tunisia. Visiting Tunisia by paramotor, flying over vast un-touched desert and breathtaking scenery till they came across the star wars village set of Tatoween!

The group is made up of avid paramotor pilots who live to enjoy the passion of paramotoring in the true spirit of adventure.  As the desert has some strange conditions sometimes, with nil wind in the early morning to strong gusts through into the afternoon, the guys said it was a pleasure using Paramania equipment knowing that their wings were looking after them in these strange desert aerological conditions.... allowing them to concentrate on the flying and fun!

Action GT pilot Patrick Vandbuck who was also on the trip has produced an excellent video specially for us showing some of the best parts of their adventure…. Enjoy!



Paramania team has recently decided to adopt a sole and unique colour throughout the range!
From now on Paramania models will be produced exclusively in one colour scheme. Chosen by popular demand the much loved ‘nightshade’ colour of the Action GT, will be THE flying colour of our future!

We believe this will give Paramania a smart and destictive look and make our wings easy to identify in the air!

Mike Campbell-Jones says “It is clear that pilots don't buy our wings just because of the pretty colours. Its more because of the technical advantages and quality Paramania has to offer over other brands. This way we can focus on the models!

Like Ferrari cars or KTM motorbikes, Paramania will have its own stunning and unique look! Paramania colours

Manager Serge says “Even with the Fusion just out we often have demand for the ‘nightshade’ colour of the GT!
This new unique 'standard colour' should vastly improve delivery time! as it will always be in stock!”

But for those of you who would still like to order our old previous or alternative colours choices is not a problem!
There will simply be a slight extra production time... or extra cost if it is a custom colour combination.

Colour options

-'Standard colours' Black, Orange and White the way its meant to be...  
Available at short notice due to increased stock levels in our new unique colour!

-'Alternative colours' (Gofly: Flash, Bamboo / Revolution: peach, golden, silver, red-hot / Fusion: Vino, Sahara etc)

-'Custom colours' (customer chosen colour combination)
As a custom coloured wing will need to be produced specificaly for one unique unit there is an extra cost and production time of 6 to 8 weeks.


After the release of the Fusion and all the attention it got at ppg events, several of the main paragliding and paramotor magazines wanted a taste... So in November we sent them each a unit so that the magazine's reviewing pilots could put the Fusion through it's paces!

Here is a French review of the Fusion by France's most respected independent PG/PPG magazine, Vol Libre.

Fusion Review - Vol Libre (.pdf)
Click here to see the full original article (Text + images)

Vol Libre issue 388


::NEW:: Here is the directly translated (French to English) version of the review (translated by Serge and Pascal)

paramania fusion review english.pdf English Fusion Review - Vol Libre (.pdf)
Click here to see the full article in English (Text only)


Overall summary (positives and negatives +/-)

+ Quality and Finish!
+ Inflation and take off!
+ Solid in turbulence!
+ Wonderful to pilot!
+ Performance!
- Still cant find anything negative to report on!


Vol Libre's test pilot absolutely fell in love with the Fusion!
(All positive, not a single negative remark!)


But, who better to review our wings then YOU!
Yes you the pilots! With several schools now holding demos of our wing range including the Fusion, book in with one of our dealer for a test fly!

We are creating a new section of the website for everyone to give their own reviews, videos and much more.
Click here if you fly or have flown one of our wings and feel free to fill in our TEST FLYERS form!
Giving you the opurtunity to review and share with everyone your own reveiw!
And, giving us the opportunity to gather your opinions (useful for development)


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